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FlamingText GIMP is easy to use software that allows you to create logos and buttons on your PC. FlamingText GIMP offers easy to use logo generation, as well as many image editing features for the advanced user.

Download FlamingText GIMP now for just $29.95 (includes FT GIMP Expansion Pack #1).

  • FAST: Logos are generated in seconds.
  • SIMPLE: Make many different logos with just a few clicks. (See Sample Logos)
  • POWERFUL: Use fonts installed on your computer or download 100's more in our free download area. (Software does not include fonts).
  • FREEDOM: Make logos without being connected to the Internet.
  • FLEXIBLE: Includes advanced image editing capabilities.
  • FUN: Put your name or any image on Fire

Tool Palette

    Creating Professional Logos is easy...

  • Choose Alien Glow from the Menu.
  • Type in the text that you want.
  • Click OK.

    Alien Logo

    FT Gimp 2.0FT Gimp Expansion Pack #1
    Animated Logos Burn-In, FlamingText. Alien Glow, Shake and Bounce, Whirl.
    Logos 3D Outline, Alien Glow, Alien Neon, Aqua Logo, Basic I, Basic II, Blended, Bovination, Carved, Chip Away, Chrome, Comic Book, Cool Metal, Crystal, Frosty, Glossy, Glowing Hot, Layer Cake, Neon, Particle Trace, SOTA Chrome, Starburst, Starscape, Textured, Watercolor. 3D Logo, Double Outline, Drop Shadow, Glow, Gradient Horizontal, Gradient Vertical, Lava, Layer Cake, Mosaic, Old Photo, Outline Shadow, Pattern Shadow, Perspective, Plain, Plasma, QBist, Single Outline, Smokey, Solid Noise.
    Buttons Aqua Pro Box, Ellipse, Gradient, Grip, Grip Triangle, Left Box, McButton, Oval, Small Triangle
    Price$19.95 - Buy Now$19.95 - Buy Now
    Combo Pack #1
    FT Gimp 2.0 + FT Gimp Expansion Pack #1
    $29.95 - Buy Now

    • Instant download!
    • Includes easy to use installer.
    • Includes free minor upgrades.
    • Works on Windows 10/Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98/95/ME/NT.
    • Buy Now! ($29.95)

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