GIMP Table Magic


Allows you to configure settings for saving an image as a formatted HTML table.

GIMP Table Magic Options

If Generate Full HTML Document is selected, The GIMP will create a full document with <HTML>, <BODY>, etc. instead of just producing the code for the table.

The Use Cellspan option makes the resulting HTML table use the <ROWSPAN> and <COLSPAN> tags to merge contiguous cells of the same color into one large cell. This will make the resulting document smaller but may not show correctly in older browsers.

The Compress TD Tags option makes Table Magic leave no space between the <TD> tag and the cell contents. This improves the layout quality of the result.

A caption can be added to the table by using the Caption option.

Each cell will usually need some content to allow the cell to be visible. You can use any character her, including HTML escape codes. The default is "&nbsp;" which enters a non-breaking space which appears like a normal space but allows the cell to be visible. A normal space character is not sufficient to force the cell to be visible.

Table options defines the standard HTML options for the table:

GTM Settings


The number of pixels in the table border.


The width for each table cell, either in pixels or percent.


The height for each table cell, either in pixels or percent.


The distance between a cell edge and its contents in pixels.


The distance between cells in pixels.