The Mail Image tool uses sendmail or a similar mailer to send an image via Email to an intended recipient.

Mail Image Options

Mail Image Settings


This input box should contain the recipient Email address. Required


This input box should contain the senders Email address. This is usually set by the mailer, but may be specified here if the sender address is different from the address that the mailer usually specifies.


This input box specifies the Subject Line of the sent mail.


This input box may contain an optional message comment to send with the image.


This input box should contain the name of the file that will be sent. This filename does not have to correspond to an existing file on the filesystem, it is used by UUEncode or MIMEncodeto encode the image correctly and for this requires a filename. The filename must also be suffixed by a valid filetype, such as .jpg, or an empty mail will be sent. Required


There are two encoding methods available for use with this plugin. MIME or UUencode. Select the method which either corresponds to an application that is either present on the sending computer or one that is preferred.

Message Window

The empty area of the dialog is used to take a message that will be used as body for the Email.


This filter requires the presence of UUencode or MIMEncode and Sendmail. The install and setup of these applications is beyond the scope of this document. Please consult your operating system documentation or seek channels of information closer relating to these applications.