The "Ripple" Filter allows the distortion of an image to look like a disturbed water surface.

Ripple Options

Ripple Settings


Checking the Antialiasing box renders jagged lines at the edge of the ripples smooth without blurring the image.

The Retain Tileability ensures that where an image is tileable, such as a pattern, the final distorted image will also be tileable. copies of the image can be placed side by side to create a continuous image without any break.


Defines which way the ripples occur. Either horizontal or vertical.


When applying a ripple effect, the tool performs the distortion within the confines of the selection so there will be small areas at one edge of the selection which are missing.

Selecting Black fills in these area with solid black, Smear will fill this area with pixels stretched to fill, and Wrap fills the blank area with the pixels that were lost from the other side of the image.

Wave Type

The wave type defines how the curve of the wave is calculated. Sawtooth renders a sharper wave. Sine renders a softer wave.

Parameter Settings

Setting the Period controls how long the waves are or the distance between two crests. Amplitude defines how high the wave is or the vertical distance between the mean and a crest.