The ToolBox

One of the windows that is most central to the use of The GIMP is the ToolBox.

Figure 3-1. The ToolBox

The GIMP's toolbox

The Toolbox is comprised of four main areas. The menu bar at the top of the window contains the entries File, Xtns, and Help which will be explained in greater detail later. The next region of interest are the tool icons below the menu bar. These icons represent the core tools available to the user. The last two areas of note are located at the bottom left and the bottom right of the Toolbox. To the left is the color selector and to the right is the pattern and tool status indicator.

All of the tools located in the Toolbox with the exception of the Move tool have extra options that can be configured to help refine the way the tool operates. These settings can be accessed via the Tool Options Dialog either by double clicking the tool icon or by selecting Tool Options from the Dialogs submenu.